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Malaysian Chinese have made great sacrifices

The Time to change....PRK Mantin

Zaid: Chinese Malaysians Have Made Great Sacrifices

2008-10-04 14:53

KUALA LUMPUR: Former minister in the prime minister's department Datuk Zaid Ibrahim said true Malays need not be afraid, or feel lack of a sense of security.
"Take myself as an example. I'm a pure Malay, but I have a sense of security. I feel proud of my own race and culture."
However he said, the problem is that many people do not understand or respect history. Indians, Chinese and Malays have been participating in the nation-building process since a few centuries ago. The Indians used to work in the estates, while the Chinese and Indonesians have all made valuable contributions and sacrifices for the nation too. But we have all forgotten this.
Zaid Ibrahim quit his Cabinet post because he did not agree to the government's decision of detaining civilians under the Internal Security Act (ISA).
He said during an exclusive interview with Sin Chew Daily that the Chinese used to work here as miners, and they made great sacrifices during the confrontation with the communists, adding that we must understand history and what they have done for the nation.
"The rights of every individual must be respected and taken care of by everyone else."
"We are only talking about Malaysia as the 19th largest export country in the world, and that we have the twin towers and are a developed country... Do you think we have done all this ourselves? You're wrong. This achievement has been made after so many people from different ethnic groups have sacrificed for the nation.
"We are not talking about the positive things, but instead discussing how we should get worried because the Chinese have opened how many more new stores here.
"As a matter of fact, the first feeling we should have is not about worry. We should work harder to keep up with them instead.
"I've never been worried about the Chinese. In my legal firm, my partner is a Chinese, and we trust each other. Do you think I have built up my success all on my own?
"I'm not scared that the Chinese are smart, for I'm also very smart. I'm not scared that the Chinese are hard working, for I'm also very hard working. We have bad guys in every ethnic group, and you're cheated simply because you're not smart enough. We must educate young Malaysians to look at things from a positive perspective."
Zaid said certain people have kept on mentioning May 13 to blackmail the people. However he felt that given our current situation, this thing would never happen again.
"I am thinking, for a better future, all Malaysians should stand up and speak out bravely. The Chinese must defend the rights of the Malays, and the Malays must also defend the rights of the Chinese. Everyone must be properly taken care of here."
He felt that we should not rely on a single political party to take care of a particular community. It should be that the rights of every individual must be respected and taken care of by everyone else. (By HOU YALUN/Translated by DOMINIC LOH/Sin Chew Daily)

Lagi-lagi maika

The Time to change....PRK Mantin

Apa Macham Vell Paari, Ada Maika?
How are things going, Vell? Ada Maika? How is your father doing? Dia ada Maika?

Oh, and since you’re always so attentive to your employees’ affairs, I wonder how is Sujatha’s family doing these days? Mereka semua ada Maika?
Semua masalah MIC ada Maika?
What man, Vell, we haven’t heard much lately about all the MIC re-branding business. How come the MIC has not been busy putting out more propaganda of late?

I suppose with all the mess and debacle that this the trademark of your father’s organisation, the turmoil between Palanivel, Subramanian, and Sothinathan must make it feel like it’s business as usual over there in Samyland, ya?
What excellent news.
For a while there I was getting worried that maybe things at the MIC might actually begin to somewhat work.
Just imagine how strange that would have been – and what a shock for the vast majority of us that would be too! Well, you know, seeing that maybe your father could actually work with others in truly constructive ways – especially when he tried to make peace again with Subra – made me wonder:
What is wrong?
This makes absolutely no sense! It contradicts everything we know about Samyland. But what a relief it turned out to be to hear that your father was back to his old self again. I say man, for a while there he had me worried that maybe the self-destruct mechanism at the MIC was starting to malfunction.
Imagine, ah…how unfortunate would we all be if that were to happen:
The only dependable thing there, which we’ve become so accustomed to, and that also was at risk of failing.
Tak apalah, nampaknya sekarang semuanya akan jadi Maika!

Only in malaysia

The Time to change....PRK Mantin

Only in Malaysia
Only in Malaysia could a case of alleged domestic violence, spousal abuse, and potential forced sexual abuse be considered ‘a private matter.’ Of course the reason why this may be deemed so by some is a whole different matter which we need no get into. Suffice it to say that our politicians have a tendency to think the average citizens are truly morons.

Only in Malaysia could racist oriented parties such as MCA and MIC, which have been complicit, and condoned and affirmed racist policies and quotas, have the audacity to challenge genuinely secular and non-racist parties such as DAP to explain themselves for aligning with a party like PAS. Yes, it is another one of those examples where these MCA and MIC politicians take us for morons.What baffles me is why exactly does the MCA or MIC - after having sat back and given in to every racist program put forth by Umno – think they have any credibility to question the credentials of DAP as a non-racist and secular party. But then again, this is Malaysia.

Only in Malaysia can people holding a peaceful candlelight vigil get arrested and manhandled for illegal assembly, while a racist, illegal mob is allowed to shout down a peaceful legal forum and allowed to threaten to storm the Bar Council to interrupt a lawful gathering.

Only in Malaysia can a citizen be denied his rights because of his past communist activities but our politicians can have warm cozy diplomatic relations with the very communist country touted to be behind the past communist insurgency activities which afflicted us.

Only in Malaysia will we find that a government mouthpiece can publish various outlandish and racist remarks in its publication and merely receive an admonishing from the regime, while those who speak for equality and fairness are charged for being seditious. The powers that be must truly have convinced themselves that we the rakyat are indeed morons.

Only in Malaysia will you find our politicians preaching excellence in higher education, and international competitiveness of our industries and work force, but doing just about everything conceivable to undermine the importance of the English language. Well, the irony, in this respect, is that in the process of undermining our citizens’ grasp of the English language, we find it quite agreeable to nonetheless bastardize all sorts of English words in order to create Malay words where they were once non-existent. Perhaps you’ve heard of the old saying: Imitation is the highest form of flattery.

Only in Malaysia can people talk of 1Malaysia while they practice apartheid.

Aiyoo, gua tak mau ingat lagi la.

I wonder If......

The Time to change....PRK Mantin

I Wonder If...
It’s the mainstream media’s religious duty to be Umno’s propaganda machine.
It’s the mainstream media’s religious duty to treat its readers as juvenile morons.
It’s Umno mainstream media’s religious duty to glorify suicide bombers and mass murderers by calling them ‘berani mati.’
It’s the police force’s religious duty to violate the constitution and deprive people their right to free speech.
It’s the police religious duty to be an extension of and to serve as Umno’s enforcer.
It’s the police’s religious duty to mastermind sodomy trials against Umno’s political adversaries.
It’s Umno’s religious duty to imprison people without trial.
It’s Umno’s religious duty to continue to espouse racist and discriminatory policies.
It’s Umno’s religious duty to make a mockery of the government’s education policies.
It’s MIC’s religious duty to have repeated financial scandals.
It’s MIC’s religious duty to be perpetually incompetent.
It’s the MCA, Gerakan and MIC’s religious duty to be politically spineless.
It’s the BN parties’ religious duty to blindly support Umno’s agenda of divide and rule.
It’s Umno’s religious duty to carry out a coup in Perak.
It’s Umno’s religious duty to play the race card when it is desperate.
It’s the judiciary’s duty to serve its Umno master.
It’s the judiciary’s duty to make a mockery of its role as preserver of the constitution.
It’s Indonesia’s religious duty to stop maids from coming to Malaysia due to abuse.
It’s some people’s religious duty to be so very jealous of Singapore and Lee Kwan Yew.
It’s some people’s religious duty to insist on a new bridge to Singapore.
It’s Umno’s religious duty to undermine religious freedoms in the country.
It’s our religious duty to make sure crooks don’t get away by swindling the public in the PKFZ scandal.
It’s your religious duty to ensure that corrupt politicians get their just desert.
And I often wonder if…
It’s your religious duty to never support a corrupt regime.

Are you????

The Time to change....PRK Mantin

I am pro-ISA because I have no desire to live in a democratic society.
I am pro-ISA because I rather live in a society where the rule of law does not prevail.
I am pro-ISA because I rather be governed by arbitrary whims of some individuals.
I am pro-ISA because I support Umno/BN and do not want to give up power.
I am pro-ISA because I would rather see Umno hold on to power at any cost.
I am pro-ISA because I am afraid that Umno will lose its stranglehold on the country.
I am pro-ISA because I don’t care if that law is immoral.
I am pro-ISA because I don’t value human rights.
I am pro-ISA because I don’t know any better.
I am pro-ISA because I find a false sense of security is better than being just.
I am pro-ISA because I cannot figure out the difference between just and unjust.
I am pro-ISA because I rather support a corrupt regime than seek justice.
I am pro-ISA because I feel having a right to trial is overrated.
I am pro-ISA because I could care less about abuse of power.
I am pro-ISA because I am not bothered if we practice torture.
I am pro-ISA because I am in favour of political persecution.
I am pro-ISA because I am afraid of free speech.
I am pro-ISA because I don’t know how to engage in open dialogue.
I am pro-ISA because I am afraid of being exposed.
I am pro-ISA because I endorse one-party rule.
I am pro-ISA because I prefer to live in an authoritarian state.
I am pro-ISA…because I am delusional.

I rather......

The Time to change....PRK Mantin

I rather have ‘Anwar’s street politics’ than Umno’s racist politics.
I rather have Anwar’s street politics than a maniacal opportunist.
I rather have Anwar’s street politics than the bigotry spewed by so many so-called ‘patriots.’
I rather have Anwar’s street politics than the irresponsible and shallowness of most politicians.
I rather have Anwar’s street politics than the anti-Semitism spewed by some.
I rather have Anwar’s street politics than the corruption than has become Umno’s hallmark.
I rather have Anwar’s street politics than the hate-mongering and race-baiting by Umno’s mouthpieces.
I rather have Anwar’s street politics than intolerance and narrow-mindedness.
I rather have Anwar’s street politics than a dictatorship.
I rather have Anwar’s street politics than censorship.
I rather have Anwar’s street politics than most politicians’ hypocrisy.
I rather have Anwar’s street politics than the toxicity of Umno’s general assembly.
I rather have Anwar’s street politics than the spineless (‘Yes, Tuan’) politics of the non-Malay BN parties.
I rather have Anwar’s street politics than the harassment and intimidation of Umno politics.
I rather have Anwar’s street politics than the politics that has raped our people.
I rather have Anwar’s street politics than the thuggery of BN politics.
I rather have Anwar’s street politics than the nepotism of Umno politics.
I rather have Anwar’s street politics than the repression of Umno politics.
I rather have Anwar’s street politics than Umno’s pandering to the religious bigots.
I rather have Anwar’s street politics than the Arabification of Malaysian society.
I rather have Anwar’s street politics than the erasure of multi-cultural Malaysia.
I rather have Anwar’s street politics than the Talibanisation of our civil liberties.
I rather have Anwar’s street politics than the rape and plundering of our national wealth.
I rather have Anwar’s street politics than the abuse and shredding of our constitution.
In other words, I rather have democracy.

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Penjelasan Isu Kuil Di Seksyen 23 Shah Alam

The Time to change....PRK Mantin

Penjelasan Isu Kuil Di Seksyen 23 Shah Alam
Tapak Kuil Seksyen 23 Shah Alam - Baru-baru ini, banyak betul yang kita dengar berhubung isu tapak kuil yang dicadangkan di Seksyen 23, Shah Alam. Yang tahu, yang tak tahu dan yang buat-buat tahu, semuanya turut sama mengemukakan pandangan masing-masing. Di antaranya, pandangan Noh Omar yang menyatakan bagaimana kerajaan PR tidak peka terhadap sensitiviti umat Islam.Oleh itu, bagi mereka yang ingin tahu, izinkan saya menceritakan serba sedikit perkara sebenar berkenaan isu ini. Tapak Kuil yang dicadangkan adalah di kawasan Industri, lebih 200 meter dari kawasan perumahan. Sebuah Kuil yang sekarang ini berada di Seksyen 19 akan dipindahkan ke tapak baru yang dicadangkan ini. Di Seksyen 19, kuil berkenaan hanya berjarak 20 kaki dari kawasan perumahan! Buka pintu rumah, seberang jalan terdapat kuil.Sebenarnya, kuil Seksyen 19 telah berada di situ sejak zaman sebelum wujudnya Shah Alam lagi. Pada masa itu kawasan di mana kuil tersebut dibina dinamakan Ladang Sungai Renggam. Apabila PKNS ambil-alih, maka dijadikan kawasan perumahan. Semasa membina dan menjual rumah-rumah di Seksyen 19, PKNS tidak menunjukkan kuil tersebut di dalam pelan mereka. Sebaliknya yang ditunjuk adalah rumah-rumah teres dua tingkat.Maka, para pembeli rumah sekitar kuil tersebut, 80% dari mereka yang merupakan orang Melayu Islam pun terperanjatlah apabila berpindah ke rumah baru mereka dan mendapati kuil masih berada di situ. Sedangkan mereka diberitahu bahawa kuil tersebut akan dipindahkan. Malangnya, PKNS di bawah pemerintahan Kerajaan Negeri UMNO/BN, tidak menunaikan janji mereka dan tidak juga bertanggung-jawab dalam soal ini. Kalau diusahakan pada ketika itu, masih terdapat banyak kawasan lapang, maka perancangan yang lebih sesuai dan tepat dapat dilaksanakan.Seperti yang diduga dan sepertimana biasa, kerajaan BN tidak melakukan apa-apa. Penduduk terpaksa bersabar selama 26 tahun, menagih janji dari PKNS dan kerajaan BN Selangor, sehinggalah naiknya kerajaan PR. Kami mengusahakan dengan serius dan bersungguh-sungguh sehingga terhasilnya cadangan kuil Seksyen 19 dipindahkan ke Seksyen 23.Sepatutnya Noh Omar mencerminkan diri sebelum mengeluarkan pendapatnya. Takut-takut meludah ke langit, terjatuh ke muka sendiri. Siap dengan kahak lagi! Sekiranya tapak di Seksyen 23 mahu dikatakan tidak peka dan tidak sensitif, kedudukan di Seksyen 19 mahu dipanggil apa? Mendera? Menyeksa? ataupun derhaka?Kalau ikut kehendak masyarakat Hindu yang juga merupakan rakyat negeri ini, mereka ingin kuil tersebut kekal sahaja di situ. “Inilah tapak asal kami, sepatutnya PKNS mengambil kira kehadiran kuil kami di sini semasa merancang pembangunan kawasan Shah Alam”, kata mereka. Tetapi apa boleh buat, nasi sudah pun menjadi bubur, mereka amat menyesal mengundi BN sejak dari dulu lagi. Akhirnya hasil perbincangan yang waras, mereka sanggup bertolak ansur. Sanggup berpindah, asalkan tidak terlalu jauh. Kuil ini dikunjungi penganut Hindu dari Seksyen 19, 20 dan 23.Oleh itu, PKNS ditugaskan untuk mencari tempat yang sesuai. Tapak yang dicadangkan adalah seperti yang dinyatakan. Cadangan dikemukakan kepada MBSA dan seterusnya kepada Exco kerajaan Negeri. Semua menganggap ianya sesuai dan masalah di Seksyen 19 di mana suasana diperhangatkan oleh NGO Melayu/UMNO seperti Pewaris, perlu diselesaikan dengan segera.Ini yang perlu kita perlu fahami. Tapak di Seksyen 23 bukan untuk kuil baru. Ianya adalah untuk memindahkan kuil yang sedia ada di Seksyen 19. Kedudukannya tidak terlalu hampir dengan kawasan perumahan, di mana terdapat Dewan orang ramai dan juga sebuah padang permainan di antara tapak kuil tersebut dengan kawasan perumahan. Ianya merupakan kawasan Industri. Kalau kilang boleh diletakkan di situ tanpa sebarang bantahan dari penduduk, mengapa tidak kuil? Sedangkan jarak kawasan Industri dari perumahan sudah mengambil kira terlebih dahulu semua aspek yang wajar dipertimbangkan.Saya faham ada yang ingin mempolitikkan isu ini. Memang suku sakat Ketua Bahagian UMNO duduk di situ. Saya rasa Najib kena ‘mendidik’ ahli UMNO. Kikis semangat perkauman yang sempit yang diasaskan selama ini. Adakah beliau mampu lakukannya? Adakah beliau ingin lakukannya? Najib ke Batu Caves dengan begitu gah ceria, 1Malaysia katanya. Kita ingin lihat sejauh mana falsafah Najib difahami ahli partinya sendiri atau ianya semua hanya satu sandiwara untuk mengaburi mata rakyat?Seorang penduduk Seksyen 23 memberitahu saya, “Jangan layan sangat YB, puak-puak ini, bukan sekadar kuil mereka bantah. Buat kuliyyah di Surau pun mereka bantah juga”.Wallahu 'AlamKHALID SAMADPosting terdahulu yang berkaitan : Persoalan Kuil Sek 19 & Tindakan Pewaris (10 Januari 2009)
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The Time to change....PRK Mantin

Nilailah sendiri....

UMNO Sekarang Hanya Bergantung Kepada Agenda Perkauman
Sedar atau tidak, UMNO sekarang ini hanya mampu bergantung kepada isu-isu perkauman. Dan UMNO sekarang ini tidak putus-putus menyerang DAP. Dan mereka melakukannya dengan tiada belas kasihan.

Mengapa Serang DAP?

UMNO mahu PAS rasa serba salah dan tidak senang menyebabkan PAS akan melatah ataupun hilang rasa konfiden dan jatidiri.
Mereka kerap mengatakan bahawa DAP anti ISlam dan PAS sekarang mengikut telunjuk DAP yang anti ISlam.
UMNO mudah melakukan perkara ini kerana ada "Fraksi UMNO" dalam PAS yang tolong menyebarkan ajaran sesat ini di kalangan ahli dan kepimpinan PAS.Padahal, UMNO sendiri ada rekod anti-Islam yang lebih buruk dari DAP.
DAP hanya berkata-kata tapi UMNO melakukan perkara-perkara yang merosakkan Islam di Malaysia.

Sebagai contoh:

a. UMNO yang memperkenalkan program "Perancang Keluarga" yang telah ditentang oleh PAS satu waktu dahulu. Bukan DAP

b. UMNO yang menghapuskan tulisan jawi. Bukan DAP

c. UMNO memperkenalkan PPSMI. Bukan DAP

d. UMNO menghalang perlaksanaan hukum Hudud dan Qisas di Kelantan dan Terengganu. Bukan DAP

e. UMNO mengizinkan judi dan arak dijual untuk keuntungan yang berlipat ganda di Malaysia. Bukan DAP

f. UMNO yang terlibat di dalam pemerkosaan budak bawah umur di Melaka sehingga menyebakan Guan Eng dipenjara

g. UMNO mengizinkan kelab gay di Bukit Bendera sehinggalah DAP yang menutupnya. Kelab gay di KL masih beroperasi kerana UMNO takutkan Marina MAhathir

h. UMNO yang memperkenalkan serta menyebarkan ajaran sekularisma di kalangan orang Melayu/Islam. Bukan DAP

i. UMNO yang memecat mufti Selangor selepas mufti Selangor menyokong tindakan yang dibenci Marina MAhathir. Bukan DAP

j. UMNO yang bertanggungjawab untuk peristiwa Memali. Bukan DAP.

k. Arak dan judi diizinkan dijual untuk keuntungan di Malaysia yang mempunyai Islam sebagai agama rasmi. Sedangkan di Norway, arak tidak diizinkan untuk dijual bagi tujuan meraih keuntungan dan Islam bukan agama rasmi Norway. Bukan DAP.

l. Selama UMNO memerintah MBSA, arak dijual sewenangnya di Shah Alam. Bukan DAP.

m. UMNO balachi kepada tokeh2 judi dan arak serta kabaret di Malaysia. Bukan DAP.

o. Menangkap, berbuat kacau, merampas masjid dan surau secara zalim dan angkuh. Bukan DAP.

p. UMNO gagal membangun ekonomi orang Melayu sehingga orang Melayu hanya mengawal 18% sahaja ekuiti negara. Bukan DAP

q. UMNO gagal membangun ekonomi orang Melayu sehingga 70% perbelanjaan Rancangan Malaysia ke Lapan pergi kepada syarikat2 bukan Melayu.
Bukan DAP.
Dengan kata lain, apa bezanya UMNO berbanding DAP?
Malahan UMNO lagi teruk kerana mereka mengaku Islam dan mereka mampu meracun pemikiran orang Islam untuk menghalalkan perkara yang haram.dan banyak lagi contoh kalau saya nak bawaTujuan UMNO untuk Mengekalkan SokonganMereka takut orang Melayu akan lari dari mereka. Jelas dari 2008, orang Melayu bandar majoriti menolak UMNO.
UMNO sekarang ini berkubu di kampung-kampung di mana orang melayu masih mudah untuk ditipu kerana perjalanan maklumat yang perlahan.Jadi, demi menyelamatkan UMNO dari hilang, mereka menggunakan alasan bahaya DAP untuk menghalang orang Melayu yang sudah makin meluat dengan UMNO itu.Ertinya, majoriti sokongan kepada UMNO sekarang ini bukan sebab orang Melayu suka sangat kepada UMNO tetapi takut akan "bahaya DAP" yang diada-adakan oleh UMNO ini.Ini peluang PR untuk menjatuhkan UMNO kerana alasan "bahaya DAP" ini alasan yang tidak kukuh dan lemah.
Saya terkejut kerana ada blogger bernama Mahaguru 58 yang termakan dengan cerita-cerita dongeng UMNO berkenaan dengan DAP ini.
Orang pandai pun boleh kena tipu.
Yang bestnya, Mahaguru58 ni telah sampai ke tahap mendoakan Tok Guru Nikergabung Aziz supaya mati cepat kerana TGNA tidak bersetuju untuk bergabung dengan UMNO.Padahal dia sendiri tak sedar dia kena tipu hidup-hidup.
Dia marah kes arak di Selangor, tapi dia sikit pun tak marah UMNO keluar lesen arak dgn judi. Kes Najib lulus 10 lesen special draw yang baru, langsung dia tak komen.Memanglah MAhaguru58 dasar hipokrit dan mata duitan.Tulang Besi
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Is this means I have a chance???

The Time to change....PRK Mantin

'A non-Malay prime minister not improbable'

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Sunday, 09 August 2009 09:33
(NST) NIBONG TEBAL: Malaysia could one day have a non-Malay as Prime Minister, Deputy Minister of International Trade and Industry Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir said yesterday.
He said the Federal Constitution did not state that only a Malay could be elected to that post."What we need is for the majority of members of parliament to elect a non-Malay as prime minister and then submit the proposal to the king."The constitution allows such a change. But the Malays form the majority race in the country and hence the non-Malays should double their efforts -- as my father (former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad) urged earlier -- to increase the population to 70 million." Mukhriz said this during a 1Malaysia forum for youths here yesterday.

The event was organised by the state Unity and National Integration Department.
"Citizens in the United States have accepted a descendant from Africa as their president. They did not see him as a black or that there was an Islamic touch to his name, but they saw him as a citizen of the United States."The former prime minister of Thailand Thaksin Shinawatra was of Chinese descent but the people accepted him as a Thai."To a question from a participant who asked if the government could remove the "race" column in application forms, Mukhriz said it was necessary in certain forms to provide benefits to Bumiputeras, but not in others. He also said the implementation of a single stream school could help the 1Malaysia vision be a success as it would nurture a sense of unity among students.This way, students of different races could mingle and interact more effectively. "It can be done, for example, by making Mandarin and Tamil languages elective subjects so that students can learn their friends' mother-tongues."It would be good if Malaysians can master Bahasa Melayu, Mandarin and Tamil, thus achieving the objective of a harmonious 1Malaysia and to understand one another." To prevent students from neglecting their mother-tongue, single stream schools must make it compulsory for them to take up their mother-tongues. Mukhriz said the education system could bring all races together, through the sharing of culture and tradition, as well as prevent racial polarisation.He said the single stream school proposal was stated in the Razak Report 1956, a year before the country gained independence."Tun Abdul Razak once said he hoped the single stream school would become a reality, but after 52 years of our country's independence, it has not materialised."

The real issue behind beer-ban

The Time to change....PRK Mantin

The real issue behind beer-ban
When Selangor PAS Commissioner, YB Dato' Dr. Hasan Ali suggested to the state government to ban the sales of alcoholic beverages in Muslim-majority area in Selangor and even went further to suggest to drop Ronnie Liu as Exco in charge of local government, a few issues pop-up in my mind.First, how do we define "Muslim-majority" area? Are we going to base it on the percentage of Muslim voters in a Parliament or State seat? Are we going to base it instead on the percentage of Muslim residents in an area? If so, how do we define the boundary of the area as it can be a heavy task despite the fact that this can be done easily in urban areas like Petaling Jaya, Subang Jaya and Shah Alam as these municipalities are divided into sections or sub-sections.Also, we have to ask how big a percentage can we use to define an as "Muslim-majority” area? Can we base it on 51%, 66%, 70% or even 90%? Can we segregate the non-Muslims from the Muslims just like how the Nazis did in Germany when they segregated the Jews from the Germans community?Second, do we understand the issue well? I have attended a few rounds of meeting with PAS Selangor leaders over the issue and it seems to me that PAS is concerned on the sales of alcoholic drinks (beers included) in 7-11 convenient stores. As you know, such convenient stores are opened 24-hour a day. This means one can easily buy beers from 7-11 outlets even after midnight. To the Muslims, this is worrying as young Muslims can easily buy and consume alcoholic beverages from 7-11 outlets and this leads to more social problems. Most of them buy alcoholic drinks around midnight.Third, though beer is an alcoholic drink, it is not considered as "arak" or "minuman keras" legally speaking. Traders who want to sell "arak" or "minuman keras" has to apply a special license from the Land Office and other rules. Whereas for beer, it is basically a "free-for-all" item, meaning that anybody can sell it anywhere they like as there is no legal provision to restrict the sales of beer.So we can summarize the problems as follow:1. The problem lies with 7-11 outlets operating 24 hours a day and selling alcoholic drinks even after midnight.2. The problem is further compounded if there are any 7-11 outlets operating in a Muslim-majority area. Most of the staffs employed at these outlets are young Muslims.3. Due to lax enforcement, sales of alcoholic drinks to Muslim customers are still happening though 7-11 has implemented several in-house rules not allowing its counter staffs selling alcoholic drinks to Muslim customers.4. There is a need to define "Muslim-majority area" and it seems that it is unlikely to be an easy task. Different people will have different interpretation.I hope this article can help everybody to better understand the issue especially our friends from PAS as it is absolutely unnecessary to make open statement on this matter before resolving it through internal channel.

Biar betul.....

The Time to change....PRK Mantin

Umno Youth leaders to get military-style training

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Sunday, 09 August 2009 18:20
(Bernama) - Umno’s training bureau will soon organise a course for Umno Youth division chiefs based on a commando-type training module, Umno vice-President Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said.
Ahmad Zahid, who is the bureau’s chairman, said the course would enhance resilience and competitiveness among Umno Youth leaders.
“For them to win back the young voters, they need to be resilient and this can be achieve through the commando-style training,” he told reporters after opening the Jasin Umno delegates’ meeting at the Dewan Alamanda, here today.
He said the course would be carried out by the Umno Youth movement, National Civics Bureau (Biro Tatanegara) and the Malaysia Veteran Commandos Club.
“This was the kind of course we had when Datuk Seri Najib Razak was the youth chief.
“Camaraderie needs to be instilled in today’s youths; that is why (Umno Youth Chief) Khairy Jamaluddin and his executive council members have agreed to take part in the course, to be held soon,” he said.The training bureau would also provide a course with a different module for Wanita and Puteri Umno leaders, he s

Inilah isu sebenarnya.....

The Time to change....PRK Mantin

DAP pun ada Melayu...
Hati saya tertanya-tanya, bagaimana DAP boleh dituduh sebagai anti-Islam dan anti Melayu kerana dalam parti DAP sendiri pun terdapat juga ahli-ahli berketurunan Melayu biarpun bilangannya sedikit berbanding dengan PAS, UMNO dan KeADILan.
Isu melarang penjualan bir dan minuman beralkohol telah sengaja dibesar-besarkan oleh pihak-pihak tertentu, khususnya UMNO dan media-media yang dikuasai mereka.
Hari ini, adalah amat jelas bagi kita apabila Perdana Menteri Najib Tun Razak merangkap Pengerusi Badan Perhubungan UMNO Selangor secara terang-terang mengatakan bahawa beliau mahu menawan semula Selangor daripada Pakatan Rakyat. Beliau turut mengatakan bahawa Selangor merupakan nadi negara dan BN mempunyai peluang cerah untuk menawan Selangor jikalau parti-parti komponen BN yang diketuai UMNO bersedia untuk berubah.
Ucapan ini disampaikan beliau semasa beliau membuka Persidangan Agung UMNO Bahagian Kuala Selangor pada awal hari ini.
Sudah jelas bahawa bermula dengan isu siasatan SPRM terhadap ADUN-ADUN Pakatan Rakyat, diikuti dengan tuduhan pejabat Exco PR digunakan oleh kongsi-kongsi gelap sebagai tempat bermesyuarat, kini dengan isu melarang penjualan minuman beralkohol (sama ada bir atau minuman keras), Kesemua isu ini telah dibesar-besarkan oleh media dan pemimpin-pemimpin BN untuk mengucar-kacirkan PR Selangor dan sekaligus memecah-belahkan kesefahaman yang telah dicapai oleh ketiga-tiga buah komponen parti PR Selangor.
Kalau saya tidak silap, isu ini pernah dibangkitkan oleh PAS akhir tahun lalu, apabila Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi (pada masa itu masih bergelar Dato' Seri) menjadi Perdana Menteri. Kalau UMNO benar-benar memperjuangkan hak dan kepentingan Muslim, maka seharusnya merekalah yang patut membesar-besarkan dan menghebah-hebahkan isu ini pada masa itu dan bukan menunggu sehingga sekarang, apabila Perdana Menteri sudah bertukar, barulah mereka bercadang hendak memperjuangkan hak orang Islam dengan mengapi-apikan isu ini.
Maka dengan itu, keghairahan UMNO dan media mereka seperti Utusan Malaysia yang baru-baru ini begitu prihatin untuk memperjuangkan prinsip Islam tidak harus dibaca dan ditaksir dari muka rupanya sahaja. Memang ada udang di sebalik batu.
Kalau benarlah mereka begitu jujur dan ikhlas dalam memperjuangkan prinsip Islam dan mendesak mengharamkan penjualan minuman beralkohol di kawasan majoriti Muslim, maka mereka juga harus melakukan yang sama di negeri dan tempat yang diperintah BN. Jangan mereka kuat menuding jari terhadap PR Selangor sedangkan mereka sendiri tidak mahu melakukan di tempat mereka sendiri.
Jikalau benarlah mereka hendak mengharamkan penjualan minuman beralkohol di kawasan majoriti Muslim di Selangor, kononnya cara ini dapat mengurangkan masalah sosial di kalangan remaja Muslim yang dikatakan telah sampai ke tahap kritikal kerana remaja-remaja Muslim mudah membeli minuman ini kedai-kedai serbaneka yang dibuka 24 jam sehari, maka saya ingin menanya, bagaimana kita hendak memberi takrifan berjaya atau gagal dasar ini? Apa yang akan dilakukan nanti jikalau tindakan pengharaman ini langsung tidak memperlihatkan keberkesanannya? Adakah dasar ini akan dibatalkan? Ataupun nanti kita pula hendak mencari sesuatu lagi untuk diharamkan untuk menutup kegagalan kita?
Jikalau kita dapat menjawab soalan-soalan ini dengan baik, maka saya cadangkan kita haramkan penjualan minuman beralkohol bukan sahaja di kawasan majoriti-Muslim, malahan kita haramkannya juga di kawasan-kawasan majoriti bukan Muslim dengan syarat kita gerenti masalah sosial dapat diatasi.
Sanggupkah kita melakukannya? Adakah kita yakin dasar ini akan berkesan? Saya menyerah kepada para pembaca untuk menilai sendiri. Yang penting ialah kita tidak boleh mengikut buta tuli apa yang dilaung-laungkan oleh mereka yang mempunyai agenda sendiri sahaja.

Zaid outlines blueprint for Pakatan government

The Time to change....PRK Mantin

Zaid, a former Umno minister, joined PKR recently. — File picBy Leslie Lau
Consultant Editor
KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 10 — Datuk Zaid Ibrahim has offered the public a glimpse of a Pakatan Rakyat (PR) federal government by outlining a common platform that includes an anti-discrimination law, abolishing the ISA and relaxing of legislation like the Sedition Act and press laws.
Zaid, who has been given the job of casting in stone common ground for the disparate alliance criticised for having no shared ideology, said a PR administration would also introduce an economic policy with safety nets and a new education strategy to produce more competitive graduates.
“Pakatan Rakyat must firstly unite all Malaysians. We must revive the dreams of Tunku Abdul Rahman and other independence leaders,” he wrote in a posting on his blog yesterday.
The PR alliance has come under heavy attacks from Umno in particular over its lack of a common platform.
Barisan Nasional’s (BN) lynchpin has taken full advantage of open squabbles between PR partners PKR, PAS and DAP to drive a wedge among the opposition parties.
Umno has also stepped up the rhetoric to paint Malay leaders in PR as traitors in well-worn attacks underscoring the right-wing appeal of the ruling party.
With some PAS leaders beginning to blow hot and cold in their commitment to PR, Zaid appears to be also in a hurry now to set down the opposition’s common platform.
In his blog post yesterday evening, the former Umno minister outlined four main areas for PR’s platform:
• To introduce anti-discrimination laws
• To introduce an economic policy with safety nets to protect the lower income group
• To introduce an education policy that will produce competitive graduates, especially among Malay and Bumiputeras
• To abolish the Internal Security Act and the Printing Presses and Publications Act; to relax provisions which give excessive powers to the government in the Official Secrets Act, the Sedition Act and other legislation; to introduce sweeping reforms to the police, courts and the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission.
“Pakatan must reject the practice of discrimination. This proposal (to introduce an anti-discrimination law) will not affect the special position of Malays under Article 153 of the constitution.
“Do not listen to Umno’s lies. The non-Bumiputeras have never asked for Article 153 to be abolished,” said Zaid.
He said the proposed legislation would ensure non-Malays are not discriminated against, and that Malays are not discriminated against by the non-Bumiputera community. Article 153, he pointed out, would be maintained.
The former minister, who recently joined PKR, said PR should also introduce an economic policy with a safety net in place for the lower-income group.
“We are not a poor country. In fact we should all live in prosperity if we reduce wastage and leakages because of corruption. Pakatan is committed to wiping out graft.”
PR’s education policy, he said, would also be aimed at making Malay and Bumiputera graduates in particular more competitive by revamp the system to ensure quality teachers and identification of key subjects for improvement.
Another key area Zaid identified for reform if PR came to power was to curb what he said was excessive powers that had been given to government institutions.
“A Pakatan Rakyat government must be free and not instil fear in the public. It must have an open attitude and accept criticisms. This can only be done by establishing a free and democratic government,” he said.
He singled out the ISA and the Printing Presses and Publications Act for abolition.
Other laws like the Sedition Act and the Official Secrets Act would also have their provisions relaxed in a PR administration, he said.
Zaid said widespread reforms were also necessary for the judiciary, police and MACC.
“I believe that when Pakatan Rakyat agrees with these basic aims, the confidence of the public will increase. It will ensure the leaders are busy with these aims and have no time to argue over trivial matters,” he said.
Zaid said that if PR were to concentrate on such a common platform, the public would no longer perceive the alliance as just an “anti-ISA party” but as a coalition with substance.

Hope to be true!!

The Time to change....PRK Mantin

Polls in Perak after Aidilfitri?

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Monday, 10 August 2009 01:49
Written by Yong Min Wei, The Edge
Encouraged by the strong approval rating of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak and inspired by the positive vibes from his economic liberalisation policies and goodies for the rakyat, Barisan Nasional (BN) is said to be keen on going back to the people to end the political impasse in Perak.
Talk is rife that BN now fancies its chances in the state and is willing to put its popularity to the test at the ballot box. And there were rumours last month that Osman Jailu (Changkat Jering) and Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi (Behrang) had been unhappy since switching sides and were considering returning to Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), raising the possibility of the Perak state legislative assembly being dissolved.Online news portal Malaysiakini reported last week a growing anticipation of a snap election in Perak by year-end, after BN nearly snared Manek Urai against most predictions. Citing a reliable source, it said the cabinet had recently discussed the possibility of fresh polls in Perak.Some Pakatan Rakyat (PR) leaders also seemed convinced that the Perak state assembly would be dissolved sometime after Hari Raya Aidilfitri, while political observers pointed to the need for BN to resolve the power grab issue as it could undermine its performance in the next general election.The state assembly, which has been adjourned since the infamous May 7 sitting, is not expected to reconvene until November — more than a month after Aidilfitri.Political analyst Wong Chin Huat said BN would use the results of the Permatang Pasir by-election to gauge the sentiment of Malay voters on the west coast of the peninsula.“It’s hard to tell if fresh polls will be called after Aidilfitri but BN will likely do so if its calculations showed that it can command 60% of the Malay support in Perak,” he told The Edge Financial Daily.However, Wong said BN was expected to cross-check its figures against the growing resentment of non-Malay voters, especially after the death of political aide Teoh Beng Hock in mysterious circumstances and the publication of news reports with racial overtones.He said BN would find it very challenging to govern the state as it was only hanging on to power due to defections and through bureaucratic intervention. But he noted that PR would need the support of 80% of non-Malay voters to return to power.“Risking Perak with new polls may end any national animosity against Najib and would strengthen his popularity at the federal level,” said Wong, adding that BN would have to consider whether it could afford to carry the weight of the political impasse in Perak into the next general election.On whether Perakians would forsake PR due to the incessant bickering among component parties, he said: “Perak PAS is the most stable of all the Pakatan-governed states. Also Perak Pakatan is strongly behind (Datuk Seri Mohammad) Nizar (Jamaluddin) who is still their menteri besar.”The political chatter has not convinced Dr Ooi Kee Beng, who said fresh polls may not be on the cards this year. BN had riled Perakians so much by its power grab in February and the memories would not fade away in a short time, he said.“BN has taken a lot of trouble to win back Perak. Why would they want to jeopardise the government now?” the political analyst said.Ooi said BN had traditionally called for federal and state elections simultaneously, as the strategy tended to work in its favour given its well-oiled and big campaign machinery. Holding state polls separately in the peninsula would be risky considering the current political landscape, he added.“I don’t think it (fresh polls) will happen this year. If Najib would drop some goodies on the Perakians and call for fresh polls next year, then it is a different story,” said Ooi, a fellow at Singapore’s Institute of Southeast Asian Studies.In contrast, Research For Social Advancement (Refsa) adviser Richard Yeoh said BN could be tempted to call for fresh elections in Perak as the current political circumstances appeared to favour them. He said voters in the state may reject PR for the squabbles and infighting seen in Kedah, Penang and Selangor.He said the prime minister had initiated investor- and people-friendly policies that could set the tone for a snap poll in Perak. The move could also draw praise for Najib from the international community in his pursuit of the 1Malaysia concept.“Giving the people of Perak the right to self-determine their government as soon as possible would further promote democracy and transparency in Najib’s administration,” said Yeoh, a former executive director of Transparency International-Malaysia.He said fresh polls would be the right direction in establishing a stable government in Perak, as the “two frogs” Osman and Jamaluddin were facing corruption charges and could be disqualified as lawmakers if convicted.“BN would not have a majority government without the two frogs. On the other hand, there would be many questions raised should the two have their charges dropped,” he said, adding that a state government must convince voters of its legitimacy and transparency to last the full term.“I think BN has a 50-50 chance of wresting the state though some have written them off should fresh elections be called now,” added Yeoh.The Perak political impasse started in early February when Osman, Jamaluddin and Hee Yit Foong (Jelapang) left PR and became BN-friendly independents. With the support of the three lawmakers, BN raised its tally in the legislative assembly to a 31-28 majority to bring an end to Nizar’s 11-month government.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Zambry penecut berdepan rakyat?

The Time to change....PRK Mantin

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Zambry ‘pengecut’: PKR
SHAH ALAM – Pemimpin Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) menyifatkan Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir sebagai pemimpin ‘pengecut’ dan tidak menghormati hak rakyat kerana mempunyai pendirian berbeza dengan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak berkaitan membenarkan sesuatu perhimpunan aman dilakukan di stadium.Zambry dipetik sebagai berpendapat, perhimpunan menuntut pembubaran Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) yang bakal diadakan di Stadium Perak anjuran Dewan Pemuda Perak akan membuatkan rakyat hidup tidak tenteram dan untuk memenuhi keseronokan semata-mata, lapor sebuah portal berita online tempatan.Ketua Angkatan Muda Keadilan (AMK), Shamsul Iskandar Mat Akin berkata, Zambry mengeluarkan ke�nyataan demikian kerana khuatir kedudukannya sebagai Menteri Besar Perak akan terjejas.“Beliau tidak dapat menerima kenyataan akan menghadapi lebih ramai penyokong yang membantah pelantikannya sebagai Menteri Besar dan menyeru agar DUN Perak dibubarkan segera.“Beliau juga menafikan hak demokrasi rakyat untuk berhimpun menyuarakan ketidakpuas�hatian terhadap sesuatu perkara sebagaimana yang termaktub dalam Perlembagaan,” katanya ketika dihubungi Sinar Harian di sini, semalam.Katanya, Zambry mesti menghormati hak dan perasaan rakyat kerana apa jua tuntutan menggambarkan aspirasi yang mereka diingini. Dalam pada itu, Pengarah Strategik PKR, Tian Chua berkata, cadangan Najib untuk membenarkan sesuatu perhimpunan aman dilakukan di stadium adalah sesuatu yang tidak ikhlas.“Kerajaan Barisan Nasional (BN) sebenarnya takut berhadapan dengan rakyat yang lantang menyuarakan hak mereka. Pada hakikatnya mereka sebenarnya tidak mahu apa jua perhimpunan rakyat menentang sesuatu dilakukan.“Mereka bimbang lebih banyak lagi penyokong yang turun dan kedudukan kerajaan akan terancam,” katanya. Tian Chua berkata, tidak semua perhimpunan aman sesuai dilakukan di stadium sebagaimana yang dicadangkan oleh Perdana Menteri. “Contohnya, jika rakyat hendak menghantar memorandum menolak keganasan Israel terhadap Palestin, demonstrasi lebih sesuai diadakan di hadapan bangunan kedutaan berkenaan,” katanya./SH

101 east news

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Utusan memperbodohkan pembaca!!

The Time to change....PRK Mantin

Orang dalam gambar ini... Nampak macam Sivarasa.... setahu kita dia adalah pemimpin PKR-PR dari kaum India.....

Jangan hanya menulis kerana anda ada pena untuk tulis.... teliti dulu fakta... jangan memperbodohkan pembaca!!!

Penulis ini hanya nampak orang Melayu..... Tapi apa yang kita lihat adalah orang MALAYSIA

Tidak sedarkah Melayu sedang dihina?

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Tuesday, 04 August 2009 11:56

Orang Melayu perlu buka mata dan pasang telinga. Kalau benar pakatan menolak ISA itu adalah suara semua kaum, ke mana kaum-kaum lain dalam demonstrasi Sabtu lalu?


SEKALI lagi segelintir orang Melayu menjadi 'kuda tunggangan' pihak tertentu. Sekali lagi Melayu ditipu kerana mahu memenuhi perjuangan kaum lain.
Pada Februari lalu, kita dapat saksikan bagaimana orang Melayu yang menjadi penyokong fanatik pakatan pembangkang di Perak sanggup tunjuk perasaan dan baring di tengah jalan depan Istana Kuala Kangsar.
Dulu mereka tunjuk perasaan sebab mahu mengganggu majlis mengangkat sumpah Menteri Besar Perak yang baru. Mereka lupa kerajaan pimpinan bekas menteri besar daripada Pas dan 'dikawal' oleh DAP itu sudah hilang kuasa.
Sabtu lalu, orang Melayu yang beria-ia mahu ISA dimansuhkan melakukan huru-hara di ibu kota Kuala Lumpur. Mereka lupa pihak yang mahu ISA dimansuhkan itu adalah perjuangan pertubuhan haram Hindraf.
Orang Melayu perlu buka mata dan pasang telinga. Kalau benar pakatan menolak ISA itu adalah suara semua kaum, ke mana kaum-kaum lain dalam demonstrasi Sabtu lalu?
Hakikatnya, majoriti yang terkena gas dan cecair pemedih mata adalah orang Melayu. Lebih 90 peratus daripada 589 orang yang ditahan juga adalah Melayu.
Ke mana perginya penyokong DAP dan PKR daripada kaum Cina dan India? Adakah mereka mempunyai strategi lain dan demonstrasi jalanan bukan cara mereka?
Sebelum ini mereka yang berapi-api melaungkan slogan hapuskan ISA. Nampaknya penyokong Pas sahaja yang dijadikan 'kambing hitam.' Imej Melayu yang berkupiah putih, berjubah dan berserban diperlihat sebagai orang yang ganas dan kurang bertamadun.
Tiada siapa yang suka imej yang memburukkan orang Melayu dan Islam. Jelas ada yang tidak kena. Adakah orang Melayu sedar akan hal ini?
Kejadian dua kali orang Melayu 'bertempur' dengan pasukan polis pada tahun ini wajar membuka akal fikiran kita.
Bodohkah Melayu atau bijaknya mainan politik bukan Melayu? Cuba fikir, akhirnya siapa yang untung dan siapa yang rugi?
Kita belum temui cadangan pihak pakatan rakyat untuk mengadakan demonstrasi mempertahankan hak-hak Melayu dan Bumiputera dalam Perlembagaan Persekutuan yang cuba diganggu-gugat oleh bukan Melayu.
Sebaliknya perkara yang boleh memberi keuntungan kepada bukan Melayu dalam jangka masa panjang yang beria-ia disokong.
Kempen pembubaran Dewan Undangan Negeri Perak adalah usaha kuat DAP. Gerakan hapuskan ISA adalah kempen Hindraf.
Tetapi majoriti peserta tunjuk perasaan yang menyusahkan rakyat itu ialah Melayu.
Jika dikatakan maruah dan martabat orang Melayu sekarang semakin diganggu gugat dan dicabar, mungkin penyokong pembangkang enggan menerimanya.
Mereka tidak akan percaya maruah Melayu dihina dan diperkudakan. Mereka tak mudah menerima penerangan bahawa banyak cara halus sedang dilakukan untuk menjatuhkan maruah pemimpin dan orang Melayu.
Terpulang kepada orang Melayu sendiri sama ada mahu bangkit atau relakan diri dipijak oleh orang lain.

Siapakah yang sebenarnya menyemarakkan isu RASIS?

The Time to change....PRK Mantin

Siapakah sebenarnya yang menyemarakkan isu RASIS .....

Melayu jangan jadi bacul

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Tuesday, 04 August 2009 11:48
Strategi yang mereka pergunakan sekarang sudah nyata berjaya. Terus menyemarakkan isu rasis untuk menimbulkan "kemarahan dan kebencian" rakyat kepada apa juga kuasa yang ada kepada orang Melayu, termasuk kuasa mahkamah, polis dan tentera. Dan kuasa Raja-Raja Melayu.
Oleh Noor Azam, Utusan Malaysia
APA yang dikehendaki oleh orang Cina, India dan Pas ketika ini ialah kuasa politik dan pentadbiran yang lebih besar. Bukannya keadilan dan demokrasi. Maka kerana itu, kuasa politik Melayu yang dipegang oleh UMNO sejak merdeka mestilah dihapuskan. Ini boleh dicapai apabila Pas dan Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim menyokong DAP.
Saya mulai dengan imbas kembali beberapa tajuk besar muka depan Mingguan Malaysia dan Utusan Malaysia:
1. "Ketuanan Melayu Tercabar" - 13 April 2008.
2. "Henti Guris Melayu - Peringatan Sultan Azlan Shah kepada semua pihak" - 6 November 2008.
3. "Jangan Persoal - Ketuanan Melayu bukan jenaka yang boleh dipermainkan" - reaksi beberapa menteri kanan UMNO terhadap kenyataan Datuk Seri Dr. Chua Soi Lek - 30 November 2008.
4. "Bangkitlah Melayu - Bersatu hadapi tuntutan kaum lain yang makin keterlaluan" - 15 April 2009.
5. "Peringatan Sultan Azlan - Tindakan cemar institusi raja seperti menyalakan api dalam sekam" - 20 April 2009.
6. "Jangan Melampau - Pakatan pembangkang didesak hentikan tuduhan terhadap SPRM" - 20 Julai 2009.
Banyak lagi seruan dan desakan - dalam bentuk berita, komentar Awang Selamat dan pelbagai bentuk tulisan yang sangat keras dan tajam.
Semuanya merangsang bangsa Melayu bertindak mempertahankan maruah dan keutuhan bangsa.
Orang Melayu, Raja-Raja Melayu dan Kumpulan Utusan Melayu yang selama ini sangat bersabar dan sentiasa sangat berhati-hati menjaga hati orang Cina dan India, sudah tidak boleh tahan lagi.
Kata Awang Selamat, "Hati Awang semakin hari semakin ditoreh-toreh oleh tuntutan pelbagai pihak bukan Melayu yang bersikap terlalu rasis selepas PRU Ke-12."
Akan tetapi semua seruan dan amaran hanya tinggal dalam lipatan akhbar Utusan Malaysia sahaja. Orang Melayu tidak bangunbangun juga.
Pertubuhan Melayu - yang lama dan baru - hanya sekadar mengeluarkan kenyataan marah-marah dan membuat laporan polis sahaja.
GAPENA yang menganjurkan Kongres Perpaduan Melayu yang sangat besar dan penuh bersemanga pun, sampai sekarang tidak nampak sebarang tindakan.
Pemimpin UMNO, termasuk Pemuda pun sekadar mengeluarkan kenyataan dan amaran sahaja.
Serangan dan penghinaan pembangkang dan aktivis politik Cina dan India terhadap Melayu semakin menjadi-jadi. Mereka sengaja menunjukkan keberanian dan tindakan kurang ajar. Cuma mereka belum berarak dan membuka butang seluar seperti sewaktu Tragedi 13 Mei.
Melayu kini sudah jadi bangsa yang takut bertindak. Sultan dan Raja Muda Perak telah melangkah tradisi diraja, tampil ke muka menyampaikan beberapa titah yang sangat berani, tegas dan terus terang.
Memberi amaran kepada Melayu-Islam akan situasi politik kita yang sangat kritikal dan masa depan yang gelap.
Sultan Selangor dan Tengku Mahkota Kelantan menyertai tindakan Sultan dan Raja Muda Perak itu.
Majlis Raja-Raja Melayu mengeluarkan "Kenyataan Akhbar Khas". Suatu amaran keras, yang belum pernah dibuat sebelum ini (Utusan Melayu, 17 Oktober 2008). Tetapi tiada apa-apa tindakan susulan. Maka kita pun jadi lupa.
Benarlah seperti peringatan Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad dalam Perhimpunan Agung UMNO beberapa tahun lalu: "Orang Melayu mudah lupa". Penglibatan istana ini menunjukkan kemelut politik di negara kita sudah sangat serius. Memerlukan tindakan segera. Bukan hanya retorik kata-kata.
Situasi politik yang tergambar dalam imbasan akhbar inilah, saya rasa, membuat Dr. Mahathir pun tidak boleh tahan lagi.
Lalu dalam blognya pada 20 Julai lalu, beliau menyiarkan tulisan "Kaki Dalam Kasut". Artikel itu diserang oleh aktivis dan pejuang politik pembangkang Cina dan India sebagai suatu pemikiran yang rasis.
Tidak pelik beliau dituduh rasis. Meski pun Dr. Mahathir hanya menyatakan fakta-fakta sejarah yang benar.
Tuduhan rasis kepada pemimpin Melayu adalah salah satu senjata politik parti pembangkang yang amat berkesan untuk membunuh kuasa politik Melayu, yang sejak merdeka di tangan UMNO.
Apakah sebenarnya cita-cita orang Cina dan India - khususnya DAP yang disokong kuat oleh Pas dan Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR)? Malah mereka turut mendapat sokongan Mursyidul Am Pas, Datuk Seri Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat, Presiden Pas, Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang dan Anwar sendiri.
Kumpulan ini berdemonstrasi dan memekik-mekik menuntut 'hak, keadilan dan demokrasi'.
Berpuluh-puluh tahun Anwar memegang kuasa besar dan menjalani kehidupan amat mewah dan berpengaruh dalam BN. Ketika itu tidak pernah pun beliau mempersoalkan hak, keadilan dan demokrasi.
Malah beliau menyokong Akta Keselamatan Dalam Negeri (ISA) dikekalkan. Ini baru beberapa tahun lalu. Tentu Anwar belum lupa.
Akhbar rasmi Pas, Harakah pada 5 Julai lalu menyiarkan tajuk besar "Pakatan ganti BN" dengan berita megah: "Himpunan perdana perpaduan 100,000 anjuran pakatan rakyat (pembangkang) di Petaling Jaya, 30 Jun lalu menjadi saksi betapa gabungan Pas, Keadilan (PKR) dan DAP terus mantap dalam usaha meneraju perubahan dan seterusnya menggantikan BN."
Turut dipaparkan ialah foto pemimpin kanan DAP, Lim Kit Siang bersalaman amat erat dengan Abdul Hadi sambil diperhatikan dengan penuh teruja dan megah oleh rakan lama saya, Anwar Ibrahim.
Memang patut benar dimegahkan kerana Anwar yakin tidak lama lagi beliau akan menjadi Perdana Menteri. Musuh lamanya dalam politik lama, sudah dipeluk erat dan mesra.
Bagi Nik Abdul Aziz, musuh yang berkekalan sehingga kiamat adalah "UMNO yang kafir". DAP dan Kit Siang tidak kafir! Pas sanggup memeluk Kit Siang. Juga kerana hendak mendapat kuasa memerintah. Demokrasi dan Islam hanya alat kempen sahaja. Siapakah yang munafik?
Menjadi parti pemerintah adalah hak semua parti yang menang pilihan raya. Berdasarkan jumlah calon Cina dan India dari pakatan pembangkang yang menang pada PRU 12 kita sudah dapat melihat betapa besar kuasa politik yang boleh mereka capai.
Buktinya jelas di Pulau Pinang, Perak, Selangor dan Kuala Lumpur. Dan apabila mereka berkuasa dan meminda Perlembagaan supaya Wilayah Persekutuan juga mengadakan pilihan raya, pastilah mereka akan memerintah ibu negara kita.
Datuk Bandar dan pegawai-pegawai kanan Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur seperti yang ada sekarang akan bertukar tangan.
Berdasarkan jumlah calon bukan Melayu yang akan menang pada PRU 13 nanti, sudah dapat dibayangkan berapa kementerian penting yang akan mereka pegang.
Siapa akan jadi Ketua Setiausaha Negara, Ketua Setiausaha Kementerian, Ketua Pengarah Jabatan, pegawai-pegawai kanan dan Pegawai Daerah. Siapakah akan jadi pegawai kanan dalam pasukan polis dan angkatan tentera.
Saksikan apa yang telah berlaku di Pulau Pinang, Perak dan Selangor. Hak Istimewa Melayu dan Dasar Ekonomi Baru pun tidak akan ada lagi.
Strategi yang mereka pergunakan sekarang sudah nyata berjaya. Terus menyemarakkan isu rasis untuk menimbulkan "kemarahan dan kebencian" rakyat kepada apa juga kuasa yang ada kepada orang Melayu, termasuk kuasa mahkamah, polis dan tentera. Dan kuasa Raja-Raja Melayu.
Oleh itu, apa pun yang telah dan akan dilakukan oleh kerajaan BN sukar sekali mengatasi "kemarahan dan kebencian" yang terus mereka bakar setiap hari. Mereka menggunakan kesempatan daripada apa juga isu, termasuk isu orang mati.
Anehnya ramai juga orang Melayu-Islam yang ikut benci kepada kuasa bangsa sendiri. Bangsa Melayu sudah menjadi bangsa yang tolol dan bacul. Dan "orang yang bacul, akan mati sebelum mati".
Walaupun bekas Menteri Besar Perak, Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin memberikan hak milik tanah selama 999 tahun kepada kaum Cina, ramai juga orang Melayu mengundi beliau pada Pilihan Raya Kecil Parlimen Bukit Gantang.
Abdul Hadi pula berikrar "akan terus mengukuhkan pakatan pembangkang".
Benarlah bangsa Melayu yang memerintah sudah nak mati! Dan saya ingin bertanya Anwar Ibrahim: "Di manakah nanti duduknya kuasa politik Melayu dalam kerajaan pakatan pembangkang?"
Dalam artikel "Kaki Dalam Kasut", Dr. Mahathir mengingatkan: "Apabila Semenanjung Tanah Melayu dicantum dengan Singapura, Sarawak dan Sabah, perkataan Tanah Melayu digugur dan cantuman negeri-negeri ini dinamakan Malaysia.
Dengan itu hilanglah identiti Melayu dalam nama negara sendiri dan orang bukan Melayu yang menjadi tuan yang sebenar."
Apakah tindakan politik yang perlu kita buat sekarang? Demonstrasi atau laporan polis lagi?

Monday, August 3, 2009


The Time to change....PRK Mantin

Setiausaha Publisiti DAP Kebangsaan, Tony Pua menafikan bahawa demonstrasi Anti-Akta Keselamatan Dalam Negeri (ISA) yang diadakan kelmarin hanya terdiri kaum Melayu sahaja.
Katanya, tidak timbul isu terbabit kerana kaum lain juga turut terlibat secara langsung dalam perarakan itu dan menyifatkan dakwaan itu tidak berasas.Menurutnya, bangsa Cina dan India juga hadir menyertai perhimpunan itu tetapi kebanyakannya berkumpul di Kompleks Pernas Sogo.
“Dalam konteks ini saya rasa tidak timbul isu bangsa lain tidak terlibat. Kalau hanya fokus di Jalan Masjid India, kawasan terbabit memang ramai Melayu, tetapi jika dilihat secara keseluruhannya lokasi kaum lain pun kelihatan,“Justeru jangan timbulkan soal perkauman di sini,” katanya di sini, semalam.
Beliau berkata demikian ketika diminta mengulas dakwaan yang kononnya kaum Melayu lebih ramai terlibat dalam demonstrasi Anti-Isa yang diadakan pada Sabtu lalu anjuran Gerakan Mansuh Isa (GMI).Tony berkata, dalam apa juga situasi persoalan berbau perkauman tidak patut digunakan sama sekali kerana ia akan mencetuskan keadaan negatif kepada masyarakat.Beliau berkata, rakyat yang keluar adalah merangkumi semua kaum, tujuan asal mereka adalah satu iaitu untuk memansuhkan ISA.
“Perkara itu (mansuh ISA) lebih penting daripada mencetuskan perkauman. Bagi saya isu siapa ramai yang terlibat langsung tidak timbul.“Saya rasa isu itu tidak pentingnya, tetapi matlamatnya adalah penting,”katanya.Dalam pada itu, beliau berkata, perhimpunan yang dilaksanakan itu membuktikan rakyat negara ini sanggup keluar menyokong mansuh akta itu.“Penyertaan mereka (rakyat) merupakan satu cara untuk memberi desakan kepada kerajaan untuk bertindak memansuhkan akta terbabit,” katanya. -SH

Kg Buah Pala

The Time to change....PRK Mantin

Kira-kira 300 orang berhimpun menyokong penduduk Kampung Buah Pala di Pulau Pinang ekoran hari ini merupakan tarikh akhir mereka diminta berpindah dari situ.Antara mereka yang hadir ialah dari Hindraf, MIC, Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) dan NGO Jerit.Sehingga ini, tiada kelihatan sebarang tanda-tanda akan berlakunya operasi perobohan rumah penduduk di situ.Di situ, tidak kelihatan jentolak, anggota polis mahu pun penguatkuasa majlis bandaraya Georgetown.Hari ini merupakan tarikh akhir perintah penduduk Kampung Buah Pala berpindah dari kawasan tersebut yang akan dimajukan dengan projek kondominium mewah - the Oasis - oleh syarikat Nusmetro Venture.Pihak pemaju telah memberi tempoh kepada penduduk di situ sehingga 3 Ogos untuk berpindah sebelum 20 buah rumah di situ dirobohkan untuk memulakan projek tersebut.Bagaimanapun, minggu lalu, kerajaan negeri Pulau Pinang telah membatalkan kebenaran untuk memajukan kawasan tersebut dan tidak jelas sama ada pihak pemaju akan meneruskan tindakan memindahkan penduduk di situ esok.Lebih kurang jam 10.30 pagi tadi penduduk Kampung Buah Pala telah menuju ke Komtar untuk bertemu dengan Ketua Menteri Yb Lim Guan Eng untuk menyerahkan memorendum yang telah diterima oleh setiausaha politiknya Yb Ng Wei Aik.Jam 1.00 petang tadi Yb Ng Wei Aik telah datang ke Kg Buah Pala untuk berbincang dengan penduduk di situ.

KM pula beri amaran jangan roboh
Ogos 3, 09 6:01pm
Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang Lim Guan Eng memberi amaran kepada Koperasi pegawai Kerajaan Pulau Pinang, pemilik tanah Kampung Buah Pala, supaya tidak merobohkan rumah penduduk di situ esoksehingga satu penyelesaian yang tidak merugikan mana-mana pihak dapat dicapai."Jika koperasi berkeras untuk merobohkan rumah-rumah di situ, kerajaan negeri tidak ada pilihan selain membatalkan perintah yang dikeluarkan untuk pembangunan kampung itu," katanya kepada pemberita hari ini.Lim mengulas kenyataan pengerusi koperasi itu, Abdul Razak Mansor semalam bahawa sebarang rundingan mengenai penempatan semula penduduk kampung itu hanya dapat dijalankan selepas rumah mereka dirobohkan, lapor Bernama.Sebanyak 23 keluarga yang masih tinggal di kampung itu gagal dalam rayuan mereka di mahkamah untuk terus tinggal dan telah diarah berpindah dari tanah milik koperasi itu selewat-lewatnya hari ini.Namun mereka enggan berbuat demikian kerana berpegang kepada janji beberapa ahli politik pembangkang semasa kempen pilihanraya tahun lepas untuk membantu mereka.Lim berkata kerajaan negeri tidak mampu membeli tanah itu daripada koperasi atau pemajunya untuk membolehkan kumpulan keluarga itu terus menetap di situ.

Why we March?

The Time to change....PRK Mantin

WHY march, when the government has said that it will review the Internal Security Act?
Why march, when there are other very cosy ways of giving your views and feedback?One would understand if these were questions posed by nine-year-olds. But they are not. They are questions posed by the prime minister of this nation we call our home.
Answer we must.
So, why?
Because thousands who died while in detention cannot march or speak any more. That is why others have to do it for them.Because persons in the corridors of power, persons who have amassed tremendous wealth and live in mansions, and persons who are in the position to right wrongs but won’t, continue to rule our nation with suffocating might. And they certainly would not march.
They would prevent others from marching.
Because the have-nots, the sidelined, the oppressed, the discriminated and the persecuted have no effective line to the powerful.
Because the nice ways have been tried ad nauseam for decades, but have fallen on deaf ears.
Because none of the major recommendations of Suhakam (including on peaceful assembly), or of the commissions of inquiry, has been implemented.
Because the proposed Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC) is not in sight, while corruption and insecurity live in every neighbourhood; and (despite reasoned views expressed ever so nicely in opposition) Rela (people’s volunteer corps) is being brought in to make matters even worse.The proponents in “Su Qiu” (remember them?) were not marchers. In fact it is hard to find nicer ways than “su qiu”, because the term means “present and request” or “inform and request”.
In terms of putting forward a view or a request, it is the height of politeness. Yet they were labelled “extremists” – they who did not march.And now you ask, why march?Because you gave non-marchers a false name! You called them the “silent majority”, who by virtue of their silence (so you proudly argued with twisted logic) were supporters of government policies since they were not vocal in raising objections.
You claimed to be protecting the interest of the “silent majority”. Now some of them do not want to be silent anymore, and you are asking why?
Yes, because double standards and hypocrisy cannot be covered up or explained away forever; and incompetence cannot be indefinitely propped up by depleting resources.
Because cronyism can only take care of a few people, and the rest will eventually wake up to realise the repeated lies that things were done in certain ways purportedly “for their benefit”.
Because the race card, cleverly played for such a long time, is beginning to be seen for what it really is – a despicable tool to divide the rakyat for easier political manipulation.
Because it does not take much to figure out that there is no good reason why Malaysia, a country with abundant human resources and rich natural resources, does not have a standard of living many times higher than that of Singapore, an island state with no natural resources and that has to import human resources from Malaysia and elsewhere.
Because, in general, countries that do not persecute marchers are prosperous or are improving from their previous state of affairs, and those that do are declining.
Because Gandhi marched, Mandela marched, Martin Luther King marched, and Tunku Abdul Rahman marched.
Because more and more people realise that peaceful assemblies are no threat at all to the security of the nation, although they are a threat to the security of tenure of the ruling elite.
Because politicians do not mean it when they say with a straight face or a smile that they are the servants and that the people are the masters. No servant would treat his master with tear gas, batons and handcuffs.
Because if the marchers in history had been stopped in their tracks, places like India, Malaysia and many others would still be colonies today, apartheid would still be thriving in South Africa, Nelson Mandela would still be scribbling on the walls of Cell 5, and Obama would probably be a slave somewhere in Mississippi plotting to make his next midnight dash for the river.
And because liberty, freedom and dignity are not free vouchers posted out to each household.They do not come to those who just sit and wait. They have to be fought for, and gained.And if you still want to ask: why march; I can go on and on until the last tree is felled. But I shallobviously not.I will end with the following lines from one of the songs sung in the 1960s by civil rights marchers in the US, without whom Obama would not be able to even sit with the whites in a bus, let alone reside in the White House:“It isn’t nice to block the doorwayIt isn’t nice to go to jailThere are nicer ways to do itBut the nice ways have all failedIt isn’t nice; it isn’t niceYou’ve told us once, you’ve told us twiceBut if that’s freedom’s priceWe don’t mind ...”By: Yeoh Yang PohYeo Yang Poh is a former Bar Council president. Comments:
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