Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mr Bean of Malaysia

The joker in the pack : Koh Tsu Koon
July 6, 2009
If Tsu Koon ever got tired of politics, the race-based kind or otherwise, and wanted to move on to something else, I always thought he would do well as a stand-up comedian.
In fact, quite a few in BN would do extremely well.
I don’t mean to make fun of a person’s looks, but don’t you think that if he was slightly worked over in the studion, he could very well stand in as Malaysia’s own Mr. Bean?
Anyway, NSTonline today amply confirmed that Tsu Koon is definitely ‘funny man’ material.
In relation to the ongoing Kampung Lorong Buah Pala land dispute, Tsu Koon is reported to have rebuked Guan Eng for trying to pass the buck and said that the present CM of Penang should just get on with the job.
“When they (the current Penang state government) can’t do something, they will blame either the previous state or Federal Government. That is the trick of their trade”, Tsu Koon said.
Good one, Tsu Koon!
Can’t stop laughing!
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